Based on the renowned Greek, Cycladic Island of Mykonos,

SPhere Productions and Events specializes in full co-ordination services involving:-


Event management, Weddings, birthdays, parties.

Film, TV, Commercials & Advertising, Info-mercials and Fashion Photo Shoots, Location scouting.


Mykonos- famous & esteemed for it's charming, picturesque whitewashed town, its plentiful & superb beaches, its powerful natural locations and exceptional light quality offers the necessary, sophisticated, international level infra-structures that are so important for a successful, smooth running production or event experience.

Mykonos International Airport allows easy access to Athens & the mainland, as well as other potential island locations.


SPhere Production Services prides itself on highly efficient organization skills, location expertise and an acute attention to all client budget demands.


Our enthusiastic resourceful on-site team & international network allow a global-take & extensive competence for all production and event projects.