Production Co-ordination

Film  -  TV - Commercials - Info-mercials - Fashion - Photo Shoots & other - 

SPhere Production Services recommends & arranges all locations, configurates all logistics, including transport, catering and accommodation advice & bookings. 


SPhere assures its clients valuable time saving data.


Meticulous, in-depth communication - pre-client arrival - ensures that all specified requirements are already finalized and well in place, upon arrival, you are sure that everything is prepared and ready for action.


The SPhere team -international & multi-lingual -assists with all logistics and inquiries. Our on-set coordination provides skilled and welcoming P.A s and runners.


Our astute coordinators meet & greet our clients at the airport or other port of arrival assisting them throughout their entire stay. They offer the best advice about

the island and ensure that appropriate restaurants, bar and beaches are reccommended when working hours are over.


If looking for the ultimate villa in Mykonos, we provide estimates, PDFs and descriptions to suit your exact demands.


SPhere Production Services guarantees budget conscious expertise & close attention to timelines and schedules.  


   Services include (but not limited to) :- 

  • Production Management
  • Location Management
  • Crew & Equipment
  • Accommodation (advice & bookings)
  • Travel Co-ordination  
  • On-site production assistants & runners
  • Casting
  • Permits and content arrangement  
  • Facility information for cast and crew
  • Catering / local restaurant recommendation
  • Exclusive services for VIP clients / guests 
June 2011 Info-mercial shoot, Mykonos
June 2011 Info-mercial shoot, Mykonos